CAPMIS Case Planning Survey Answers

CAPMIS Case Planning

  1. Which of the following methods is used to develop the “Behaviors Causing Concern” section of the case plan?
  1. Problems addressed by the same service provider are grouped together
  2. Each family member should have a separate concern statement
  3. Combine risk contributors by expected completion date of activities
  4. Combine the underlying risk contributors with risk contributors they impact

  1. Which of the following is an example of a well written “Behavior that needs to change” statement?
  1. Ms. Alvarez will participate in medically assisted drug treatment
  2. Ms. White will manage her severe depression so she can supervise her children
  3. Mr. Sanchez will not be verbally or physically aggressive toward Cindy in front of the children
  4. Mr. Chen will know how spanking Roe hurts him physically and emotionally

  1.  What is an example of aa family member activity?
  1. Mother will complete an alcohol and drug assessment
  2. Father will move out of the home and have supervised visits with the children
  3. Alicia will remove herself from any relationship that involves domestic violence
  4. Robert will not be under the influence of drugs while supervising the children

  1. Measuring changes in attitudes and knowledge can be difficult.  Which of the following statements describes the best way to do this? 
    1. Wait for service providers to tell the caseworker about improvements
    2. Talk to the parents to assess improvements in attitude or knowledge
    3. Measure progress through completion of case plan activities
    4. Observe changes in parents’ behavior that show changes in their attitudes

  1. Which of the following best describes the successful completion of a case plan?
  1. Families completed their activities as listed on the Case Plan
  2. Families changed behavior so that risk of future maltreatment is minimal
  3. The service providers report sufficient progress to close their cases on the family
  4. The family feels comfortable with closing the case

  1. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the case plan?
  1. It coordinates services for the family
  2. It serves as a “road map” for families
  3. It outlines a plan to address immediate safety threats 
  4. It establishes criteria for measuring case progress and making case decisions

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