Handouts - CW Core Module I

Please note: Red text indicates that the RTC will provide handouts that you may keep. All other handouts (not in red) will be available during the training; but if you want a copy to keep, you must print them from the handouts list below.  

HO 1 CW Mod I PPT Handout.pdf

 HO 2 Agenda and Objectives.pdf

 HO 3 -NEW-LMS-Mod I Competencies.pdf

  HO 4 Values Clarification Exercise.pdf

  HO 5 Contemporary American Law.pdf

  HO 6 Values of Family-Centered.pdf

  HO 7 Implications of Culture.pdf

  HO 8 Becoming Aware of Your Own Culture.pdf

  HO 9 Assessing the OAC and O.R.pdf

  HO 10 Viewing Guide to Physical Indicators (1).pdf

    HO 11 Indicators of Physical Abuse.pdf

  HO 12 Indicators of Neglect.pdf

  HO 13 Emotional Maltreatment.pdf

  HO 13.1 Human Trafficking Cheat Sheet.pdf

  HO 13.2 Potential Trafficking Indicators.pdf

  HO 14 Assessment Factors Your Notes.pdf

  HO 15 Factors Associated with Child Maltreatment.pdf

  HO 16 Physical...Sexual Abuse.pdf

  HO 17 Sexual Abuse Involves.pdf

 CW Mod I Bibliography.pdf