CAPMIS Strengths & Needs Survey Answers

CAPMIS Strengths and Needs Survey Questions

1) The Strengths & Needs Assessment is a systematic evaluation to determine the family’s strengths and needs. The Assessment also: 
A. Stipulates what services are needed to eliminate future maltreatment 
B. Helps identify any contributing factors that may influence maltreatment 
C. Determines the level of safety threat present in the family
D. Requires interviews only with the ACV, Parent, and a collateral contact

2) What are the categories of the Strengths and Needs Assessment? 
A. Safety Factors, Child Vulnerability, Adult Protective Capacity
B. Child Functioning, Adult Functioning, Family Functioning, Historical
C. Self-Protection, Cognitive Ability, Resources, Victimization of other children
D. Child Vulnerability, Adult Functioning, Family Functioning 

3) Under what circumstances would "Domestic Relations/Domestic Violence" be a Non-Risk Contributor?
A. Children are not present or are not involved in physical altercation between adults
B. Altercations between adults in the home are only verbal in nature
C. No pattern of coercive control resulting in conflict impacting care of child 
D. All the above

4) Which of the following is NOT considered when determining whether an element is rated as a Risk Contributor:
A. It creates the likelihood of maltreatment to a child
B. It contributes to the maltreatment dynamic 
C. It increases the likelihood of maltreatment to a child 
D. None, all are considered 

5) A Non-Risk Contributor is also a Strength when it: 
A. Reduces risk of maltreatment to a child
B. Does not have a negative impact on the child’s risk level  
C. Does not create the likelihood of maltreatment to a child 
D. Is a positive attribute of the child, caregiver and/or family 

6) Deciding if a family is ready for reunification includes an assessment of all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Whether the original safety issues have been altered or reduced
B. Number of the case plan activities the family has completed
C. How the household dynamics will change following reunification 
D. Whether the parent has proven ability to keep the child safe 

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