Handouts - CW Core Module 4

Please note: Red text indicates that the RTC will provide handouts that you may keep. All other handouts (not in red) will be available during the training; but if you want a copy to keep, you must print them from the handouts list below.  

Assessment and Safety Planning PPT FINAL- revised June 2021.pptx

HO 1 Learner Readiness Assessment.pdf

 HO 2 Agenda.pdf

HO 3 Note Taking Guide FINAL- revised June 2021.pdf

HO 4 CAPMIS Tools- revised June 2021.pdf

 HO 5 Guidance Article Child Vulnerability.pdf

 HO 6 Child Vulnerabilities List.pdf

 HO 7 Assessing Parental (Caretaker) Protective Capacities.pdf

 HO 8 Adult Protective Capacities Checklist.pdf

 HO 9 Safety Assessment Factors Guide.pdf

 HO 10 Kelley Family Initial Report Information.pdf

 HO 11 SAFETY ASSESSMENT Key Term Definitions.pdf

 HO 12 Kelley Family Activity Log Grandma.pdf

 HO 13 CPS Worker Manual Segment on Safety Planning.pdf

 HO 14 Safety Plan Form.pdf

 HO 15 SACWIS generated Safety Plan.pdf

 HO 16 Family Strengths and Needs Checklist.pdf

 HO 17 Kelley Staffing.pdf

 HO 18 Learner Post Assessment.pdf

 HO 19 Assessment PP.pdf

 HO 20 Supervisor Quality SA Checklist 3-9-15.pdf

 HO 21 Supervisor Quality Safety Plan Checklist 3-9-15.pdf