Lab Handouts - CW Core Module 4

Please note: Red text indicates that the RTC will provide handouts that you may keep. All other handouts (not in red) will be available during the training; but if you want a copy to keep, you must print them from the handouts list below.  


 HO 1 Assessing Safety and Controlling Safety Threats Agenda.pdf

 HO 2 Note Taking Guide.pdf

 HO 3 Engagement Strategies Review1.pdf

 HO 4 Interviewing Methods Chart B.pdf

 HO 5 Solution-Focused Assessment Questions.pdf

 HO 6 Assessment Tools and Strategies.pdf

 HO 7 Seven Steps to Critical Thinking .pdf

 HO 8 The Villa Story.pdf

HO 9 CAPM Safety Assessment Field Guide 2.pdf

HO 10 Guidance Article- Child Vulnerabilities.pdf

HO 11 Instructions for Entering the Assessment of Safety.pdf

 HO 12 Partial Safety Plan1.pdf


 #1 Assessing Risk of Future Harm Agenda.pdf

 #2 Note Taking Guide.pdf

 #3 Interviewing Methods Chart (1).pdf

 #4 Assessment Tools and Strategies.pdf

 #5 Solution-Focused Assessment Questions.pdf

 #6 Three Houses Tool.pdf

 #7 Family Circles Tool.pdf

 #8 Rest of the Villa Story intake and case note1.pdf

 #9 Family Assessment Field Guide1.pdf

 #10 Family Assessment ODJFS 01400.pdf

 #11 Instructions for documenting Strengths and Needs in SACWIS-2 (1).pdf

HO 12 Assessment timeframes.pdf